When is it time to get a new boiler installed in Medway?

he boiler is an important investment that helps to heat the water. However, the device is often prone to damage and defects. Therefore, it must be maintained by a reliable boiler installation company. Homeowners can only do simple tasks to make sure the boiler is working properly. Complicated tasks should be left to a professional service provider. Boiler inspections are some of the best to determine when it is time to replace the boiler.

If you think you may have a more serious problem with the operation of the boiler, it is rarely advisable to attempt any boiler repair or maintenance work. They should be left to the registered Gas safe engineer who is fully authorized and qualified to perform such work. To ensure that a heating system and boiler can work efficiently, it is generally beneficial for the engineer to perform an annual inspection. This should limit problems in the future and make emergency calls which can be quite costly. A maintenance and inspection service can also help you fix minor problems before they become big problems that can prove very costly. An annual inspection is worthwhile and must be performed by Boiler specialists for safety reasons. In most cases, inspections will include:

-Check the shut-off valves to make sure they are working properly

ยท-Check for water leaks and check the integrity of the refractory material. cracks can be repaired

-Check safety devices such as regulators, safety valves, pressure gauges and safety valves and shut-off devices

  • Check the fuel supply system as well as the burners for the liquid fuel boilers. Cleaning can also be done during inspections to ensure efficient heat transfer and fall

-Check for signs of corrosion, erosion and overheating and make necessary repairs

When is it time to get a new boiler installed? –

Indeed, the inspection and maintenance services will let you know when it’s time to install a new boiler. However, if you do not have such a plan, other factors can help you determine when to have a new boiler installed. Check below.

Old Age

One of the instant factors that show when to install a new boiler, especially for good customers, is the boiler’s age. It is said that a typical boiler lasts around 10-15 years, but it can be a little longer or a little shorter. If you check the boiler and see it stops working, there is a good chance it will be time to install a new one.

frequent breakdowns

If your boiler is experiencing an increased failure rate, it may be time to replace it. Often repaired boiler can often fail and may require additional repairs. Choosing to install a new boiler saves you costly repairs.


A leaking boiler could be repaired. However, if you constantly see leakages, this may be due to the fact that the boiler is nearing the end of its life cycle, and it should be better to look for offers to replace the boiler to save your situation. Remember that leaks can also cause property damage. The sooner you can take care of him, the better.

Your boiler is noisy.

Like other things in the house, when they start making noises – noise, clicks and bangs – it’s time to check them out. This could be a big red flag that it might be time to replace.

High energy consumption

If you are keen enough, you may notice an increase in energy bills. An inefficient boiler is expensive in terms of energy consumption and the cost of maintaining the boiler. Switching to a more reliable and durable device can be a much better solution.

final tip

Selecting and purchasing a boiler is only a small part of the process, and the quality of the boiler installation Medway can be an important part of the quality of life you lead. A specially trained and qualified boiler installation company is more expensive, but you are guaranteed quality professional work. Because a properly functioning boiler is vital, the installer should be very familiar with its operation and any issues that could affect your boiler.

Whatever you decide to install a new boiler, it is important to hire a qualified professional to do all the work. There are several other advantages to using professional installers. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the safety factor that now requires all new boiler installations carried out by Gas Gas registered installers. Choosing a professional boiler service company can go a long way in ensuring the efficiency of the boiler for many years to come.

Does your boiler need replacing?

Most people have an inefficient boiler at home, very often outdated and which, consuming a lot, represents an important expense for family finances. If you are also in the same situation, perhaps it is time to change the boiler. Let’s see together what are the elements that allow us to understand it and what are the most efficient solutions to make a convenient replacement.


The heat generators have no expiration date, they can perform their task even for more than 15 years without presenting particular problems. Obviously, however, the more time passes, the more antiquated the technology becomes and the boiler you have at home may no longer be as efficient as when you bought it.

When is it appropriate to replace the boiler with more advanced models?

Certainly when, in the event of breakages or failures, repair is not a convenient solution. Alongside this, a motivation can be linked to:

  • Save energy and, consequently, lower your bill
  • Take advantage of alternative and renewable energy sources and reduce polluting emissions, while fully respecting the environment
  • Improve the energy class of the system and the home, thus obtaining an increase in the market valuation of the property
  • Do not incur more costs due to the extraordinary maintenance of an outdated product, especially if they have become too high


Since 2015, traditional boilers can no longer be produced and the installation of non-condensing boilers can only be carried out in very specific cases. Traditional generators have been replaced by condensing boilers, which are much more efficient, with high efficiency and greater sensitivity towards the environment.

In a condensing boiler, the latent heat contained in the exhaust fumes is not immediately dispersed into the environment, but recovered and used to heat the water sent to the distribution system. This allows to lower consumption, as well as polluting emissions, with savings on the bill that can reach up to 30%.

Do you know that you can install a condensing boiler and find an economic advantage even if you don’t have underfloor heating? It’s one of the things about replacing the boiler that they often don’t tell you.

If you have a boiler still working in your home, but I am not satisfied with the performance or have additional needs to satisfy, a solution could be to create a hybrid system, adding a heat pump to the existing boiler. It is a highly efficient solution, which does not require costly renovation, but which allows you to have not one but two heat generators, powered by different sources (fossil fuel and electricity).

Having two generators does not mean having a double expense, on the contrary, it is the regulation of the system that identifies the most convenient device to be activated based on the external conditions (climate) and the cost of the primary energy inserted in the testing phase, with savings even up to 50% on the bill.

If, on the other hand, you want to redevelop your heating system and switch to renewable energy, you can opt for a wood or pellet boiler. These fuels have a much lower price than fossil fuels, are easily available and protect the environment thanks to their extremely low emissions.

Do you still have some doubts about changing the boiler?

Before choosing, contact an expert who can best advise you. Usually, through a non-binding inspection, the installer will evaluate the needs and requirements of your family and your home, recommending the most suitable product. Making the right choice is important!


Replacing the boiler is an investment, not only from the point of view of energy saving.

Prices are not fixed, but vary according to the type, power and characteristics of the generator. It is certain that, by choosing the most efficient models, the guaranteed savings year after year allows you to return to the expense faster.

Is your boiler not as efficient as it was a few years ago? Don’t waste time and take the expert advice of an energy efficiency expert. The boiler helps keep your home warm and comfortable, so it’s definitely not something to be underestimated.